Welcome to National Disaster Management Centre, Maldives


National Disaster Management center is mandated to undergo following strategies, focusing on emergency relief/response, disaster preparedness and mitigation. 


  • Organize and conduct various programs needed to prepare the public in the event of disasters both natural and otherwise, and raising government and public awareness of such events.
  • Establish and coordinate the legal and administrative system required to have government ministries, private sector, groups and organizations and individual citizens coordinate for any work that needs to be carried out in a centralized manner due to disasters natural or otherwise.
  • In the event of disasters natural and otherwise, identify immediate response and relief requirement, and organize and coordinate ways to provide relief aid with other authorities concerned.
  • Provide temporary shelter to those whose homes become uninhabitable due to disasters both natural and otherwise.
  • Ensure that the basic necessities are provided for those whose homes become uninhabitable due to disasters both natural and otherwise, until temporary shelter can be arranged.
  • Organize and coordinate with concerned government authorities the actions needed to be taken to acquire both local and internal aid in the event of disasters both natural and otherwise.
  • Establish a strong mechanism of working in association with concerned government and non-government authorities in order to ensure that disaster risk reduction remains a top priority.
  • Conduct researches on the devastation caused by natural disasters as well as impact of epidemic and pandemic in a small country like Maldives, and using the outcomes of the research, compile and publish a set of rules and regulations to be followed for any actions taken.
  • Ensure that any developmental programs or a project conducted by various government ministries conforms to the national disaster risk reduction standards as much as possible.
  • Enhance and increase the capacity of the early warning systems for natural disasters, potential pandemic and epidemic and other disasters.
  • Establish and implement a system to coordinate facilitate and monitor disaster risk reduction activities in a centralized manner.
  • Establish mechanism in coordination with communities and clubs in the islands to increase the safety of vulnerable groups such as women and people with special needs in the face of disasters.
  • Establish a strong mechanism in which regional and international experience, information and other resources can be utilized, to disaster risk reduction.
  • Conduct awareness programs on disaster risk reduction in all regions of Maldives on a continuous basis.
  • Integrate disaster risk reduction and disaster management into the national education system and school curriculum establish means to deliver it.
  • Facilitate training for government employees of relevant sector of disaster risk reduction to enhance their knowledge on disaster management and disaster risk reduction.
  • Establish a disaster information database and making it accessible to public.