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Introduction of "Ayadi Kaarisaa Thakaaful" Scheme

National Disaster Management Centere (NDMC) and Allied Islamic window Ayady Takaful launches "Ayadi Kaarisa Takaful" scheme today, 26th December 2004 at Champa Central Hotel.

Minister of Defense and National Security, Honorable Adam Shareef Umar inaugurated "Ayadi Kaarisaa Thakaaful" Insurance scheme today along with Allied Insurance Deputy Managing Director,Mohamed Shafaz by signing a Memorandum of Understating.

The establishment of "Ayadi Kaarisaa Takaful" scheme will cover natural disasters and fire incidents. The scheme will provide compensation for infrastructural and structural damages to buildings and properties. Mr Ibrahim Firushan, Ayadi Thakaful Consultant, said that the scheme will comprise of three categories; infrastructural damages to owner of the property and buildings, Second category covers, the rented parties properties and the third category covers small business.

Individuals who joins the scheme, are entitled to pay 0.18% every year for the insured infrastructure and properties. In addition to this, the scheme has an "ADD-ON Package' that covers risks other than disasters.