Welcome to National Disaster Management Centre, Maldives



Launching Ceremony of NDMC Website and Social Media Accounts

The Minister of Defense and National Security Honorable Adam Shareef Umar has officially launched the Website, Social Media accounts and Mobile Applications of the National Disaster Management Centre(NDMC).
The NDMC website has been totally revamped through the support of UNICEF Maldives. The website would provide real time information on disaster and weather alerts to the public. It would also provide up-to-date information of the work undertaken by the NDMC.
The NDMC mobile application is called "DisasterWatch". The app would provide emergency alert information and weather updates to the public. The app is currently available on the Google Playstore. The iPhone app would be available within the week.
During the ceremony the Minister of Defense and National Security, Honorable Adam Shareef Umar highlighted the work undertaken by the government to support families affected by disasters. According to the minister the Government would soon launch a "Disaster Relief Loan" scheme in partnership with the Bank of Maldives. The loan scheme would enable the disaster affected families to have access to credit facilities to finance the reconstruction of affected homes.