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NDMC Concludes CBDRM Trainings In Maamendhoo and Maavah

A six day Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Training has been conducted in Laamu Maamendhoo and Laamu Maavah from 20th to 25th August 2016. Two teams from NDMC simultaneously facilitated the training in both islands supported by UNICEF as part of the Low Emission Climate Resilient Development ( LECReD) project.

CBDRM aims to reduce vulnerabilities and strengthen people’s capacities to cope with hazards. It is an approach and process of disaster risk management which communities at risk are actively engaged in the identification, analysis, treatment, monitoring and evaluation of disaster risks in order to reduce their vulnerabilities and enhance their capacities to prevent and withstand damaging effects of hazards.

In both Laamu Maamendhoo and Laamu Maavah, NDMC teams were able to successfully conduct CBDRM training with tremendous support and corporation from the respective local island councils as well as other public institution in the islands. A total of 22 participants from LaamuMaavah took part in the training, while 20 participants completed the training in Laamu Maamendhoo.

Along with the with Disaster Management (DM) Plans for each island, the Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments (VCAs) were also completed in both the islands with community consultation and validation. Disaster Management Standing Committees was also formed in both the islands, while two official DM focal points were appointed by each island council to liaise with NDMC.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) were established in both islands and an emergency drill/simulation exercise was held in both the islands to test the new island DM plans. In Laamu Maavah the NDMC team also help test the School Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP) of Maavah School.

Ms. Safeenaz Hassan, Director General – NDMC, attended the closing ceremonies that were held on the 25th August, as the Chief Guest. The closing ceremony at Laamu Maamendhoo took place in the morning, while at LaamuMaavah the ceremony took place in the afternoon.

While speaking at both the ceremonies Ms. Safeenaz highlighted the importance of VCAs and DM plans for island communities. She appreciated and acknowledged the continued support by the island councils and other public institutions to NDMC and their keenness on working towards building a more resilient community.