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Press Release - Tidal Waves Forecast Across The Central and Southern Atolls

Press Release

The Maldives Meteorological Services had forecast that tidal waves during high tide may cause flooding across the central and southern atolls of the Maldives in the next two days. The tidal waves are caused due to elevated ocean waves in the Indian Ocean.

The National Disaster Management Centre advise the public to the preparedness measures to minimize the impact of tidal waves at island level. The following are preparedness actions that could be taken by the public. They are;

  • To prepare gunny bags to prevent household damages in case of flooding
  • Move valuable household items to the upper floors or to safe ground if time permits. Raising this equipment will prevent damage.
  • Café’s and shops located in the shoreline should be ready for flooding
  • To move parked vehicles at flood prone areas to safe locations during high tide.

The National Disaster Management Centre advises the public to be ready for flooding due to tidal waves and to closely follow national authorities for updates on the situation.