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DM Act

Disaster Management Act

This Act refers to the responsibility of the State to protect its people, their health and well-being, their property, and the natural and built-up environment they live in from natural and man-made disasters, and hazards.

And whereas, the Maldivian territory and People subject to disaster risk, hazards, disasters and emergency situations and are required to take measures to minimize the sensitive nature of formation of the natural habitat, not only in disaster response, but in mitigating disaster, and  establish a national emergency response guideline, to ensure disaster preparedness, to assist in disaster relief and disaster victims, saving their lives and property, to seek assistance in providing basic necessities, and to coordinate all related matters on the national standard, to incorporate disaster mitigation standards within the sustainable development projects, communities, international institutions, coordination, disaster management policies, and guidelines of the Act. 

This act may be cited to as “Disaster Management Act”

Purpose of the act

  • To protect the people from natural hazards and man-made disasters.

  • To incorporate guidelines on disaster risk mitigation and preparedness.

  • To reduce disaster risk and to adapt a preparatory national strategy, to identify responsible parties to manage disaster risk,and to identify their responsibilities.

  • To provide assistance at emergency situations and to provide assistance on the relief efforts, to incorporate such guidelines to coordinate such assistance.

  • To state the roles and responsibilities of the City Councils, Atoll Councils, and Island Councils in reducing disaster risk and mitigation in emergency situations.

  • To create awareness among the people in reducing disaster risk and mitigation in emergency situations, and to incorporate guidelines to protect the people from such dangers and enhance coping capacity.

  • To incorporate disaster risk reduction guidelines and policies within the sustainable National development projects.

  • To make the people responsible and accountable towards disaster risk reduction and mitigation


Disaster Management Act rectified on 6th September 2015

Disaster Management Act






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