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School Programs

School Disaster Awareness Programs

Disaster preparedness is one important component of disaster risk reduction, which increases the copying capacity of people and make them more resilient to disasters. The importance of education in promoting and enabling Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) has already been identified by researchers and policy makers. In doing so, there is a renewed focus on disaster risk education in primary and secondary schools.

School programs include disaster awareness sessions and mock drills aimed at helping school administrators, staff, teachers and students to be prepared in case of emergencies and disasters due to natural hazards or man-made causes to protect themselves from personal injury and loss of life as well as to protect the school property from damage.

Our aim is to teach children early response because in the Maldives setting, parents and adults are often the hardest ones to convince to leave their homes even if flood waters are rising fast. There is increasing evidence that students of all ages can actively study and participate in school safety measures, and also work with teachers and other adults in the community towards minimizing risk before, during and after disaster events.


School Awareness Programs Conducted (2016)

Imaaduddin School - Grade 6 (150 Students)

Iskandar School - Grade 5 (150 Students)

Dharumavantha School - Grade 8,9,10 (120 Students)

Thaajudeen School - Grade 5 students (100 Students)

School Awareness Programs Conducted (2015)

Kudakudhinge Hiyaa - Aged 6-18 (85 Students)

Imaaduddin School - School Preparedness Program for teachers of Gazee School, Rehendi School, Thajudeen School and Imadudeen School)

School Awareness Programs Conducted (2012 , 2013, 2014)

Aminiyaa School 


Mock Drills Conducted 

CHSE Fire Drill - 2015

Mega Drill (CHSE, Aminiyaa School, Iskandar School and Arabiyaa School) - 2013

Giyaasudeen International School - 2013